Imagine uncluttered surface areas to cook and entertain for years.

Here in the South, one of our greatest traditions is cooking and entertaining in the kitchen. For more than five decades, Woodham’s Cabinet Shop has established a reputation of designing, building, finishing and installing superior quality cabinets and woodwork for custom kitchens. No kitchen is ever too big or too small, and every kitchen is designed and built to the highest standards the industry offers. Each project is designed and built around your personal budget, but we will never compromise when it comes to the quality of the products that we use on your kitchen. We always use the highest-quality materials available that can withstand the typical use of a kitchen to extend the life of your kitchen. Your kitchen cabinets will be built to our furniture quality standards.


All cabinets are completed with quality, precision and attention to detail. For the design process, we bring your personality and style into the foundation for our inspiration. Your options are limitless on the specific elements and styles that are needed to incorporate an entirely custom design of your own. We build colored or stained, maple or oak, country or contemporary and many more styles than we could list. Some styles are easy to identify, while others are more difficult. We understand both conservative and more contemporary styles and can create exactly what you are dreaming of. Sometimes it is more about the materials than the design. Our customers are very diverse, and our options for designing your kitchen are even more so. We take the time to explain every detail so that you are confident in the choices that you make.

We have the resources necessary to help you find your inspiration and determine the right details for your kitchen. Our proprietary software brings your kitchen to life with computer-generated designs that show us how your new cabinets will work in your current kitchen and home design and architecture. Woodham’s Cabinet Shop ensures that you will have insights as to how your cabinets will look and function in your home.

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With so many options, we can make your dream kitchen a beautiful and functional reality. Your finished product will be more than just appealing to the eye. It will be functional, economical and best-suited to the needs of your everyday life.

Organizing your kitchen space is an important step in getting the most out of your kitchen itself. We utilize space effectively so that you gain extra storage within your cabinets. It is a double win where you gain extra storage with the cabinet, yet it takes up no visible floor space. Some clients do not want a pantry and our experience allows us to implement storage systems that keep all of their necessities within arm’s reach eliminating the need for a pantry. Other clients prefer custom designed pantry cabinets for additional storage. Whether your pantry cabinetry needs are along the lines of a butler’s pantry, a built-in pantry or just general pantry storage, Woodham’s Cabinet Shop can custom design the solution for you. No matter what your personal preference is, we will create a beautiful and comfortable environment for you to enjoy your morning coffee, home-cook family dinners, or entertain guests. Work with us and rest assured that years of experience and customer satisfaction have earned us our reputation.

The images that you view on this site are just a sampling of our capabilities. We have nearly fifty years of satisfied customer referrals that can attest to the prestige, durability, functionality, and beauty of our work. Come in today to view our portfolio of custom kitchens, accessories and details that will bring your kitchen to life.

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